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New Study Suggests Wind, Not Water, Formed Mount Sharp on Mars

Scientists based at Princeton University and the California Institute of Technology propose that the hill, known as Mount Sharp, doubtlessly arose as solid breezes conveyed residue and sand into the 96-mile-wide pit in which the hill sits. They report in the diary Geology that air probably emerges from the huge Gale Crater when the Martian surface warms during the day, then, at that point, clears down its lofty dividers around evening time. However solid along the Gale Crater dividers, these "slant winds" would have faded away at the cavity's middle where the fine residue noticeable all around settled and gathered to ultimately frame Mount Sharp, which is close in size to Alaska's Mt. McKinley. This powerful counters the predominant hypothesis that Mount Sharp framed from layers of lakebed residue —…
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The Benefits of a Sales Plan

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A sales plan keeps the sales department on track, considering the details of how they must operate to hit their targets and achieve company objectives. Since the sales team is the No. 1 driver of revenue, it is an incredibly important document. "It's extremely important to have a sales plan in place, almost a must," said Leah Adams, director of client success at Point3 Security. "Without this plan, it's almost impossible to get through the year and hit the company's sales goals." It's not uncommon to encounter obstacles along the way, however. A good sales plan accounts for that, Adams added. "Almost always, you'll run into the speed bumps along the way, but with a plan in place, it makes it a whole lot easier to navigate through it all,"…
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Identify Unique Circumstances and Expectations

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There are also elements common to all businesses, while some industries have specific considerations. It's also necessary to spell out commission structures, and how sales volume or certain customers might bring in higher commissions. "The only real difference is how sales count," stated Bailey. "In petroleum-based products like VCMs and PVCs, a few big clients are necessary. Compensation needs to be structured not just in contract value, but in graduated terms: above $1 million, commissions move from 5% to 9%, and so forth. In smaller-volume enterprises, commissions might be front-loaded with higher percentages early, then graduated down. You have to reward what you want." Assign goals and responsibilities to each team member to make expectations clear. This is true whether each team member has the same goals, or if goals…
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