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The Benefits of a Sales Plan

A sales plan keeps the sales department on track, considering the details of how they must operate to hit their targets and achieve company objectives. Since the sales team is the No. 1 driver of revenue, it is an incredibly important document.

“It’s extremely important to have a sales plan in place, almost a must,” said Leah Adams, director of client success at Point3 Security. “Without this plan, it’s almost impossible to get through the year and hit the company’s sales goals.”

It’s not uncommon to encounter obstacles along the way, however. A good sales plan accounts for that, Adams added.

“Almost always, you’ll run into the speed bumps along the way, but with a plan in place, it makes it a whole lot easier to navigate through it all,” Adams said. “The sales plan allows you to adjust when seen necessary so the goal can still be hit. I strongly believe a plan allows you to stay in control, reduce the risk while being able to measure the team’s results along the way to that finish line.”

What should a sales plan include?
To create an effective sales plan, keep the following tips in mind.

Set realistic goals.
Set achievable goals, and try to include what the sales department can accomplish in a given term. Challenge the sales team, but don’t push too hard, said Bailey.

Bailey also told Business News Daily that “deliverables” are among the key points to include in a sales business plan. “Deliverables need to be as specific as possible and moderately difficult to achieve,” he explained. “Specific inasmuch as being measurable in a manner that is uncontested. Moderately difficult inasmuch as making sales goals too difficult can lead to failure and discouragement.”

Midpoint goals also help build morale and keep the team working toward a goal. Instead of a long road to the finish, smaller goals offer checkpoints and reinforce the success of the department and the company.

Leverage sales tools.
Tracking sales throughout the term is helpful, and you can employ tools to keep track of each team member, as well as the department.

“Tools can help, especially project management and CRM tools,” said Santos. “Having a weekly cadence of update and review is also important, as it sends a message that ownership and updates are important.”

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