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Tips for Buying Your First Wig

Modern wigs can be constructed from the finest strands of human hair, and a good number of them have features making them extra comfortable for those who have almost fragile scalps due to chemotherapy or medical conditions such as alopecia areata. Whatever is causing your hair loss, the following are pointers for buying your first hair wig:

Know more about wig terms and features.

What in particular do wig terms like lace front, synthetic and feather-light mean? Of course, these are just a few of what you have to know. Now is a great time to know about the many wig features out there, how they can benefit the different types of hair loss, and the factors behind pricing.

Go natural.

Among the best tips for newbie wig users is this: imitate your natural hair when you loved it the most. If you’re thinking of new and different styles, save them for your next purchases.

Go wig fitting.

Many wig shops offer wigs online, and as soon as you know what you want, these shops can offer great options. But before you get to that, a wig fitting will show you how different styles will look on you. Those in the wig industry are usually experts in wigs and hair loss, so they can surely help you decide on the best wig to buy.

Ask for a friend’s advice.

Taking a trusted friend or relative to your wig fitting can help a lot. It’s always great to have someone you can give you support and honest feedback.

Higher cost doesn’t always mean higher quality.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that a more expensive wig is automatically better. Wig technology and advanced designers have come up with a variety of cheaper options that closely resemble the appearance of natural hair.

Continue seeing your hairstylist.

Because a human hair wig can be cut and styled as much as natural hair, you can continue those salon visits when you want to get a new look once in a while. In fact, some wigs actually benefit from a good haircut that takes your face shape into account.

Know what sets human hair wigs apart from their synthetic counterparts.

You can cut, heat-style and part human hair wigs any way you want, and they usually come with lace fronts, making them look more natural at the hairline. On the other hand, synthetic wigs aren’t as natural looking or behaving, they dry more quickly when washed, and they require a special Synthetic wigs, on the other hand, don’t have the exact appearance and behavior of natural hair, are quicker to dry after washing, and need a shampoo that is particularly made for them. They also tend to cost less than human hair wigs. If you make the considerations before purchasing your first wig, you should end up with a good choice. Go for one that you’ll be confident and comfortable wearing, and make sure it fits your type of hair loss.

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